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My name is Allana C. Noyes. I am nineteen years old. I like Punk Rock. I am currently studying abroad in Mexico right now, trying to become good enough at Spanish to work in the field of Translation/Interpretation someday. I come back to Reno in a week, which is my heart. I love that city. I will be in Reno for three months, working at the Pioneer Center and swimming in the river a lot. And then in August I will fly to France for a year to work as an Au Pair; learning French, teaching English, and making pb&j sandwiches. I like Fun, linguistics, walking, dancing, reading, writing, food, lakes, travel, and Reno. and Civil disobedience.

About Us
Project Moonshine is a non-profit organization designed to teach filmmaking skills to students by providing opportunities to document important events happening in their community. Started in 2006, Project Moonshine has made documentaries on a variety of subjects including, Sonic Youth, Califone, Tour de Nez, Artown, Nevada Beekeepers, Orchestra Baobab and Dada Motel. Although Project Moonshine is not exclusively based in Reno, Nevada, most of our projects focus on events happening in Northern Nevada. Over the years, Project Moonshine has flourished as an arts organization that combines a fresh approach to education, documentary production and civic engagement.