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Charlie Hayes

Since that dorky 7th grader got his first acting role in the middle school play, Charlie Hayes has spent the last 10 years of his life spinning in broader and broader circles. After a high school theater career filled with the occasional barber shop quartet, he serendipitously stumbled into Michael Albright’s circle. Substitute teaching for his theater teaching in his final year, Michael Albright and Charlie Hayes first knew their circles were linked together when Charlie’s cellphone went off in class and rather than get annoyed, Michael Albright said, ‘Hey, was your ringtone a Califone song?’. Charlie subsequently became involved in the budding documentary filmmaking non-profit, soon to be called Project Moonshine. After the incredibly fortunate opportunity to document Sonic Youth play a concert in the summer of 2006, Charlie was hooked. He began making a few of his own fictional short films and continued working with Project Moonshine for two more years, culminating with his Co-Directing a Moonshine film in his final year with the man himself, Michael Albright. From there, things spiraled out of control for Charlie Hayes and he is now attending The International Film School of Paris and will be graduating in 2011 with a degree in Cinematography and Directing.

About Us
Project Moonshine is a non-profit organization designed to teach filmmaking skills to students by providing opportunities to document important events happening in their community. Started in 2006, Project Moonshine has made documentaries on a variety of subjects including, Sonic Youth, Califone, Tour de Nez, Artown, Nevada Beekeepers, Orchestra Baobab and Dada Motel. Although Project Moonshine is not exclusively based in Reno, Nevada, most of our projects focus on events happening in Northern Nevada. Over the years, Project Moonshine has flourished as an arts organization that combines a fresh approach to education, documentary production and civic engagement.